The Milliken Safety Way

Leading to Zero

Safety is the fundamental building block to creating a high performing, sustainable manufacturing operating system. When people aren’t worried about getting hurt, they’re free to think about other parts of their jobs. They can think about improving quality, or how to improve machine performance. In many instances, if we eliminate minor machine stops and breakdowns, we improve safety —  which also improves efficiency.

Safety can and should be used as a strategic lever and at Milliken we believe the safety of the workforce should be the first concern for any CEO. Companies that aspire to be World-Class must have safety as a core value. Safety and health are personal to every human being and can have a profound impact on their motivation and morale. Our employee-centric approach to improving safety is designed to build a sustainable, organic, internal capability.

The existence of a connection between safety and quality leads to measurable productivity improvements and a direct impact on your bottom line. It also leads to improved morale and increased productivity.

Milliken Safety Way

The ​Milliken Safety Way serves as more than an advisory consultation and our methods go beyond the advice of safety consultants. We offer tried-and-true expertise and services from our Practitioners—seasoned professionals who have a firsthand understanding of the process and product of Milliken’s safety philosophy.

As one of the safest companies in North America, Milliken believes a zero-accident rate is possible and that improving manufacturing safety is worth the effort. We’ve spent decades perfecting our proven and transferable best practices that comprise the Milliken Safety Way, and we want to share our methodology with organizations serious about change. If you’re dissatisfied with status quo, Performance Solutions by Milliken has the safety training, consulting, and education services you need to accomplish your safety goals and revolutionize your business.

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