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Maintenance & Reliability Bootcamp

Just two days at Milliken provides an in-depth study of this global organization’s system for autonomous and preventative maintenance. Discover how your business can cement the partnership between your operators and your maintenance associates, while engaging everyone in the shared ownership of excellence in reliability.

Learn from Milliken's step-by-step approach, which covers the critical building blocks of a reliability system. During this course, participants will:

  • Appreciate the purpose and benefits of Milliken's Daily Team Maintenance (DTM) and Planned Maintenance (PM) processes.
  • Know the tools used in the Daily Team Maintenance and Planned Maintenance systems.
  • Understand how to improve the relationship between your operators and maintenance associates, as well as optimize their roles in daily management.
  • Explore and comprehend practical application of various maintenance tools.
  • View best practices at an award-winning Milliken facility.

Our Maintenance & Reliability course works perfectly as a follow-up to our Driving Operational Excellence Conference if you are interested in a thorough look at this integral component of performance improvement.

Feel free to download our Maintenance & Reliability Bootcamp brochure or look through our 2017 Training Catalog.


Maintenance Bootcamp

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Financial Breakthroughs

Our Financial Breakthroughs course takes a deeper dive into cost reduction and the zero loss thinking process discussed at our Operational Excellence conference. Participants completing this course are able to:

  • Understand how a top company implements sustainable loss-reduction activities.
  • Compare and contrast zero-based thinking with variances and budgets.
  • Prioritize projects in order to impact the bottom line.
  • Apply a step-by-step problem-solving methodology. 
  • Understand common problem-solving and sustainability pitfalls.
  • Form a robust training and certification system that allows improvement projects to be sustained.
  • Implement methods to actively engage all levels of associates in improvement projects.

Performance Solutions by Milliken is happy to schedule a Financial Breakthroughs course in response to the needs of your organization, taking into account the skill sets and knowledge your team already possesses.

Please contact us if you would like more information about scheduling a Financial Breakthroughs course.

Additional Training

In today's high-pressure work environment, good leaders realize the necessity of attaining maximum effort from project teams and producing more with less. To help project managers succeed, we are pleased to offer the following on-demand courses for additional training: 

  • Facilitation 4 Results: This customized course for manufacturing has evolved from three years of feedback and measurement in global manufacturing environments. In this class, attendees learn the collaboration and facilitation skills to assist project champions in clarifying their roles in sponsoring successful events and in project implementation. Attendees learn to design and facilitate successful collaborative events and to support people during collaborative events and project implementation. 

  • Facilitation 4 Virtual Meetings: This class prepares attendees to facilitate virtual meetings that get collaborative work done by keeping people engaged through good process and flawless execution of both the facilitation and the technology. 

  • Collaboration 4 Project Managers: This course is designed specifically for project leaders tasked with helping teams break through to new levels of productivity in the most complex workplace in history. This highly interactive course offers practical, proven skills that project leaders can apply immediately to improve operational results through effective collaboration.

Please contact us if you have any questions about these or any of our other classes, conferences, and bootcamps.

Maintenance & Reliability Bootcamp Pricing 

3 Days with Tour 

$2,495 - per person

$2,295 - per person for teams of 3 or more

$1,795 - per person for teams of 6 or more


2 Days Without Tour 

$2,195 - per person

$2,095 - per person for teams of 3 or more

$1,595 - per person for teams of 6 or more

Intended Audience

Plant Managers, Maintenance professionals, Reliability Engineers, Maintenance Managers, Technicians, Manufacturing Managers, Engineers, Maintenance Technicians, Continuous Improvement Managers, Process Improvement Engineers, Supervisors, Reliability Engineers, new managers, and anyone interested in achieving machinery efficiencies and reliability.

Get On-Site Consulting

Let Performance Solution by Milliken work directly with your leadership in master planning that includes activities such as loss analysis, expectation setting, team organization, role and responsibility determination, and strategy clarification. Master planning yields a customized implementation plan which can then be carried out by our experienced Practitioners.

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